16 Apr 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change many facets of daily life, residents and employees nationwide seek stability. In Temple, Texas, the manufacturing and distribution workforce has not skipped a beat; in fact, many companies have ramped up production in light of COVID-19. Meet the companies and workforce of Temple’s Industrial Park.

Home to corporate giants such as H-E-B, Niagara Bottling and Walmart, Industrial Park boasts nearly 60 companies on 3,500 acres of Temple’s westside. During the past five years, Temple Economic Development Corporation (Temple EDC) has garnered $595 million in corporate investments for the manufacturing and distribution hub. Apart from healthcare, manufacturing and distribution make up the largest percentage of major employers in Temple. From this advantageous location along the I-35 corridor, companies rally to efficiently serve Central Texas communities in need of precious commodities.

In the past weeks we have witnessed large commitments from many of these companies, now known commonly as essential businesses, and their workforces. H-E-B alone has shortened shopping hours to allow for more restocking of essential goods, installed sneeze guards at cash registers and donated $3 million for community support in Texas to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Similarly, Walmart recently announced a $25 million commitment to support organizations nationwide on the frontlines responding to COVID-19

While many of our employment sectors can operate remotely or pause operations, manufacturing and distribution employees are required to perform their functions onsite. To the facility workers that create, package and load products and the drivers-turned-heroes who deliver essential products across Central Texas, we say thank you. Your tireless efforts and courage in the face of these challenges is truly appreciated by our entire community.

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