05 Jun 2020

With a storied history as an army air field, flying school and municipal airport, Temple’s Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport serves as the landing pad for many corporate and high-profile city visitors. Temple Economic Development Corporation (Temple EDC) and the City of Temple understand that making a strong first impression is vital for continued growth and investments in our community. That’s why a $10 million renovation is planned for the airport and runway.

While the Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport currently encompasses 922 acres with two active runways, the 2030 Master Plan includes extensive updates. Once complete, the Temple Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) will boast meeting spaces, plane porte-cochère, CSR, and pilot rest facilities. These amenities will clearly communicate the message that Temple is ready for business.

This rendering showcases what’s next for Temple FBO.

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