September 5, 2014

TEMPLE (September 3, 2014) More than 110,000 people live in the Temple-Belton area, the Temple Economic Development Corporation says, and small businesses are opening because of the growth.

Amanda Parker, the owner of Pop-Abilities, a store that offers popcorn, opened her shop in May and decided to give the market a try.

“We felt like we definitely needed to take advantage of the opportunity to be over here before all the spots are taken.”

She’s not the only one who has been profiting from the growth; others just like her have started to create unique businesses that attract everyone.

“After doing a lot of research and different ideas, popcorn was a family favorite and so we thought lets go for it lets give it a try,” Parker said.

“It’s been good for the small business especially when you consider about 80 percent of the job growth comes from small business,” said Vice President Charley Ayres of the Temple Economic Development Corporation.

He said new developments called “Life Centers” are headed to Temple.

“This is a little bit of what’s on Temple’s radar, to become an urban center and have opportunities where people can work, live, play, all and interact in a close proximity.”

Parker said that she didn’t know what to expect when she started her business, but Ayres said creative businesses have always been a need in the Temple area.

“I mean it’s interesting when you let the free market take over that people really get innovative. They really start finding ways to meet unique needs. Just like Painting with a Twist or Pop-Abilities.”

Parker has even started to spread the word to other friends that were nervous about starting a business in the area.

“Business is picking up, the more business that comes over to this area the more it benefits everybody, and all the businesses will see growth.”

Parker said her slogan; “Let us put a little pop in your day” is all about welcoming residents to the new concept.

“We just feel like this is a growing area. Lots of things are happening over here and we wanted to be a part of it.”