July 14, 2022

Home to a well-established life science and health industry, Temple, Texas continues to thrive as an innovative and steadfast environment for new business and talent. In 2019, more than 2,700 health and life science establishments generated over $100 million in tax revenue in Temple and the surrounding Bell County region.

There are many academic and industry efforts that strengthen the life sciences and health ecosystem in the city. For example, Temple ISD introduces students to real-world bioscience activities such as 3D printing and live-cell imaging. Meanwhile, the Temple Medical and Educational District (TMED) consists of several health-related entities, both public and private that provide biomedical training and mentorship.

Temple offers a well-resourced ecosystem for talent and businesses in the bioscience sector. Read on to learn about some of the initiatives creating a clear pathway to success for innovators in the region.

Temple’s medical industry talks and talent listens

Next summer, Baylor College of Medicine — an institution ranked No. 25 for Biological Sciences by US. News & World Report — will welcome its inaugural class to the Temple campus. Forty students are expected to enroll in the first class, a number which will increase annually until the college grows to 160 students. Baylor has tapped the Olin E. Teague Veterans’ Medical Center to serve as one of its teaching hospitals in the region. The hospital system boasts more than four decades of experience teaching medical students in Temple.

Meanwhile, Texas A&M Health Science Center is one of the fastest growing academic health centers in the nation. The graduate and doctoral programs at the Temple campus provides students with a focused exploration of biochemistry, cardiovascular, cell and molecular biology.

Finally, Temple College offers junior high and senior high school students in the region an introduction to biosciences through the Texas Bioscience Institute Middle College program. This program allows students to engage in experiential learning with established research groups while earning lab-oriented college credits.

Biotech companies in Temple drive results

Bioscience education is not the only economic generator in Temple. created a computed tomography platform which gives physicians a detailed 3D view of the brain prior to the removal of a tumor. The company in March 2020 and has since been successful at securing $1.5 million in investments.

Around the same time, SiMMo3D launched its 3D printed organ models for surgical planning. SiMMo3D’s models present a more accurate representation of human cell tissue than previously designed models due to the company’s use of MRI data and CT scans. This technology provides doctors, surgeons and patients with even greater confidence in surgical results.

Another Temple startup is ama biotech — a medical diagnostic company that created an easy, safe and affordable at home STD testing kit for women. According to company leadership, the kits are also useful in detection of health issues such as antimicrobial resistance.

Whether you are a student looking to grow career prospects in biosciences or a company interested in reaching the next stage of business development, Temple provides an environment primed for growth. Learn more about life sciences and health in Temple and get in touch with our team to see how you can become part of one of Temple’s fastest growing industries.