April 13, 2023

As talent retention continues to grow in importance, companies are thinking beyond their employees’ nine-to-five work lives to foster the most productive workforces. In Temple, family-friendly communities, abundant outdoor activities and low-key nightlife culminate into a Texas lifestyle that allows workers to escape the stress of the big city.  

A notable talent pool is growing in the city, many of which reference Central Texas’ laid-back lifestyle and affordable costs as reasons for their relocation. Whether a business intends to move their executive team to the region or is seeking to hire locally, Temple offers a high percentage of skilled and educated workers with strong livability to keep them in the city.  

Quality of Life 

The city of Temple pairs small-town charm with bigger-city amenities, balancing hospitable communities with peaceful parks and neighborhoods. More than 25 miles of walking, hiking and biking trails across the region provide workers with a respite from the office. The 12,300-acre Belton Lake is a popular weekend getaway for boaters and anglers, while more than 60 sports facilities offer a convenient space for rock climbing and athletics.  

In recent years, revitalization projects have also led to the beautification of Temple, particularly in the downtown area. The Santa Fe Market Plaza and Santa Fe Market Trail provide an inviting and aesthetically pleasing space with food trucks, a music pavilion, a gazebo and open lawn for gatherings and events. New breweries and eateries are also popping up in downtown Temple, creating a vibrant place for after-work happy hours. 

A range of recreational activities and cultural events are available in the city.  

  • The Bloomin’ Temple Festival is held every year in late-April, attracting over 13,000 visitors to the city with its carnival games, food, arts & crafts and live music.   
  • The four-day Central Texas State Fair is held annually in nearby Belton, Texas, featuring live entertainment, carnival rides and livestock shows in early September.  
  • Nationally attended SXSW and Austin City Limits are also less than an hour’s drive away in Austin. 

Temple EDC also offers resources for talent to learn firsthand about living and working in Central Texas at MeetTemple.com. 

Low-Cost Living 

Temple’s cost of living is affordable in comparison to other major Texas cities like Houston, Dallas and Austin, but especially when compared to the national average. And with no personal income tax and no property tax at the state level, employees can enjoy a higher standard of living and more disposable income.  

Housing costs are also much lower than nearby cities, with a range of affordable apartments and houses available for rent or purchase.  

  • 28% less housing costs than the national average 
  • 16% lower cost of living than the national average 
  • Average $1,111 rent in Temple (one of the lowest in Central Texas) 

Proximity to Major Cities 

For anyone who loves friendly neighborhoods and close-knit communities, living in a city with a population under 100,000 is a welcoming experience. But major metropolises like Austin and Dallas are also less than a two hours’ drive away — making it just as easy for residents to enjoy nationally-recognized music festivals, professional sports and other events.  

Moreso now than ever, companies need to locate in regions where talent is happy to work. Read more about what it’s like to live the laid-back Texas lifestyle and contact us to learn what makes Central Texas the right place for your business and employees.