May 1, 2024

Temple, Texas, continues to shine as a beacon of growth and opportunity. From witnessing a rare celestial event attracting hundreds of thousands to innovative expansions in culinary and aeronautics sectors, our city proves its vibrant and forward-thinking community spirit daily. Temple’s strategic development projects and educational initiatives further bolster our commitment to nurturing a thriving and economically robust environment, making it a perfect place for businesses and individuals alike.

Totally Eclipsed

On Monday, April 8th, Temple, Texas, became a prime viewing spot for the rare total solar eclipse, drawing an estimated 400,000 visitors to Bell County. Thanks to Temple’s well-connected highways, pristine parks, and vibrant local attractions, attendees enjoyed a seamless experience in our city. This event not only spotlighted our city’s superb facilities but also our community’s warm hospitality.

Upcoming High-Flying Adventure: Central Texas AirFest

Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport, a historical gem originally established as a pilot training base in World War II, will host the exhilarating Central Texas AirFest from May 17–19. As we expand to meet growing travel demands, we’re also reigniting our storied air show, promising a weekend of spectacular aerial displays, local cuisine, and a glimpse into aviation history.

Culinary Delights Expand in Temple

Temple’s growing population fosters a dynamic business environment, evidenced by the opening of diverse culinary ventures. Helados La Azteca, renowned for its delightful Mexican desserts, will open a new location downtown this summer, offering everything from mangonadas to uniquely flavored ice creams. 

Westphalia Butcher Baker, set to open this fall, will blend a traditional meat market with a modern bakery, providing a platform for local artisans to shine. Together, these establishments highlight the economic vitality and community spirit that make Temple an ideal place for diverse businesses to thrive.

Empowering Our Community Through Financial Education

In collaboration with PNC Bank and Heart of Texas Goodwill Industries, Temple Library introduces a new series of financial wellness workshops. These “Lunch & Learn” sessions are designed to empower residents with essential financial skills, reinforcing Temple’s commitment to fostering a thriving, knowledgeable community.

Revitalization Through Strategic Development

The transformation of the once-abandoned storage facility at 2600 W. Ave G into a contemporary apartment complex is a significant milestone in enhancing Temple’s infrastructure and residential landscape. Located just off I-35 and nestled between Lake Polk and Marvin Fenn Park, this project is set to catalyze local economic activity by increasing foot traffic and attracting new businesses. Much like the revitalization seen with The Kyle and the Hawn Hotel, this development is poised to expand housing options and invigorate the community. Its proximity to key institutions such as Baylor Scott & White Medical Center and Temple College makes it an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and connectivity, promising a blend of comfort and accessibility that will appeal to current and future residents of Temple.

Engage and Influence: Leadership Temple

Future leaders are invited to join Leadership Temple, a foundational initiative developed by the Temple Chamber of Commerce designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders who will shape our city’s future. This 9-month educational program immerses participants in key aspects of our community—from government and economic development to healthcare and social services—highlighting the vital role of informed leadership in our city’s prosperity. Participants will engage in class sessions, service projects, and governance meetings to develop a comprehensive understanding of Temple’s needs and opportunities, ensuring they are well-prepared to contribute to our community’s growth and success. Applications are open until June 15.

City of Temple Business Survey

The City of Temple is conducting the 2024 Business Survey to enhance the local business environment, an initiative that gathers essential data from local businesses. This survey will collect insights crucial in shaping policies and decisions. We encourage business leaders to participate and contribute their perspectives, ensuring that their needs and views are considered in the development of our community. Keep an eye out for the survey in your mail, or access it online in May, and help drive Temple’s future growth.

Explore Business Opportunities in Temple, Texas

Discover the opportunities Temple, Texas, offers for your business growth and expansion. Our city’s vibrant economy, strategic developments, and robust community infrastructure are ideal for businesses looking to enhance their potential. Explore our website to learn more about how Temple can contribute to your organization’s success, and connect with us to explore potential collaborations and benefits.