January 15, 2020

The policymakers and community leaders of Temple, Texas have long been committed to making Temple the place to do business in Texas.

Temple Economic Development Corporation (Temple EDC) is a nonprofit organization that serves as the economic development entity of the City of Temple, Texas. We actively recruit capital investment and job creation, and work hard to keep Temple, Texas top of mind for employers and talent internationally. Our focus is to diversify Temple’s tax base, increase job opportunities, attract talent and enhance the quality of life for residents and the workforce. The culmination of all these activities is long-term, sustainable economic prosperity.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

  • During the last decade, Temple EDC secured more than $2 billion in total investments. The bulk of these investments are focused in our city’s key industries: manufacturing business in Texas, distribution and logistics, health and life sciences and corporate business support. In 2019 alone, EastPenn announced a $106 million, 300,000 square-foot expansion, while Niagara Bottling selected a 50-acre site in Temple for their new $90 million facility.
  • Temple has a story to share – a story of progress, momentum and change. At Temple EDC, we share that story with the global marketplace. We participate in recruitment marketing trips in select locations to target employers and talent alike. During the last fiscal year, we completed 16 business recruitment missions, met with 265 business decision-makers, identified 98 business prospects, coordinated 23 site visits to Temple, qualified 36 project leads, and even traveled to Japan to spur foreign direct investment. We take pride in supporting our current businesses, and are on a mission to attract new ones to sustain Temple’s vitality.
  • At Temple EDC, we strive to lead by example. Our leader, President & CEO Adrian Cannady, embodies a bold vision for Temple, Texas. Last year, Adrian served as Chairman of the Team Texas Advisory Council. In this capacity, he led a future-focused team of collaborative partners across the state to help maintain and propel economic prosperity. In 2019, Adrian was also named a “Top 50 Economic Developer” by Consultant Connect, for his passionate dedication to expanding opportunities in Temple. Gov. Greg Abbott took note of Adrian’s accomplishments, and on Friday, Jan. 10, 2020, appointed Adrian to the governor’s Economic Incentive Oversight Board. Along with other board members, Adrian will review the effectiveness and efficiency of state incentive programs and funds administered by the offices of the Governor, the Comptroller and the Department of Agriculture, and make recommendations to the Legislature.
  • At Temple EDC, we proactively engage with our industry leaders to understand their company, their workforce, their opportunities and challenges. Temple is home to the corporate headquarters and major operations of McLane Company, Baylor Scott & White Health, PDI, Wilsonart International, Reynolds Consumer Products, McLane Group and Artco-Bell Corporation, among many others. We ensure these companies are provided with a business ecosystem in which they can thrive, and host events that connect our businesses to meaningful resources. To this end, we recently hosted the following events, to name a few: A three-day 8th Grade Career Fair at Temple High School facilitating more than 500 students engaging with local industries; a regional business summit, featuring East Penn Manufacturing, the latest major company to expand in Temple; and a skills summit in partnership with Workforce Solutions of Central Texas and the Temple Chamber of Commerce to inform local companies of the resources available to recruit and train talent. These are just some of the resources we invest in Temple’s existing businesses.

Big things are happening in Temple, Texas. At Temple EDC, we ensure employers, residents and talent are equipped with the tools and resources to make the most of everything Temple has to offer as our growing community expands. Be sure to check out our 2019 Annual Report for a comprehensive overview of our strategic goals and objectives.

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