July 18, 2023

Texas is an emerging hub for life sciences, and the state’s talent pipeline – rated No. 1 for medical and clinical lab technologists – includes six medical schools that rank in the country’s top 100. 

While the entire state can lay claim to the ongoing boom, Central Texas has long invested in the success of its health and life sciences industry. As a result, the Temple community formed a nexus between education, talent and business resources, helping to shape the future of this key industry. 

Hub for education and talent 

Central Texas’ growth into an epicenter of health and life sciences stems from its educational offerings: 

  • Institutions located in Temple, like  Temple College and the upcoming Baylor College of Medicine, offer elite programs in health science. 
  • These programs not only attract top talent to the area but also create a pipeline of graduates, many of whom choose to settle in the community. 

A notable example of the support available to life science-focused businesses can be found in the Temple Medical and Educational District (TMED). Established in 2009, TMED – as its name suggests – is focused on medical education, and is one of 18 planning districts in the city. 

Joining with public and private groups, TMED promotes medical activities, educational operations and events taking place at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center (BSWH), the Veterans Administration, Temple College, the Bioscience District and Texas Bioscience Institute Middle College. TMED advances the economic development of residential and commercial neighborhoods that surround these campuses. 

Temple is also home to the Temple Health and Bioscience District (THBD), which promotes the region’s rapidly expanding health science community while supporting its economic growth. 

A growing, educated workforce 

Thirty percent of Temple residents work in the health care industry, meaning for businesses considering expansion, a wealth of educated, dedicated workers is available. Combined with the strength of the higher-learning institutions within the city and surrounding area, businesses have direct access to an ever-growing pool of talent. 

Temple is also home to an increasingly diverse population, adding to the strength of its talent pipeline. Just over a quarter of Temple’s population is between the ages of 20 and 39. Additionally, the Temple-Killeen MSA is more diverse than other cities in the U.S., allowing companies in the region to tap into a broad pool of talent.  

Leveraging location 

Temple’s advantageous location plays a critical role in the success of its industries. Situated halfway between Austin and Dallas, the city: 

This ecosystem is part of the reason major health systems like BSWH invest in the region. With a history of continued investments and expansions, BSWH Temple has grown and evolved over the years. It is one of only 21 Level I trauma centers in the state, making it the only medical institution equipped to treat brain and other traumatic injuries within the 200-mile span between Austin and Dallas. 

Temple understands the importance infrastructure, talent and ecosystem play in helping companies grow. Read more about the life sciences and health industry in Central Texas and contact us to discuss how you can grow your business in Temple.