July 7, 2021

For job seekers and employers alike, Temple is a thriving city that has only continued to grow throughout the years.

10 U.S.-based headquarters exist in Temple, and with 145,000 jobs in construction, architecture and engineering alone, businesses throughout Central Texas have the infrastructure they need to experience continued growth, regardless of industry.

Temple distribution centers are supported by a reliable transportation network, including an interstate which spans thousands of miles north and south, 4 railway systems and nearby access to international airports. An innovative life sciences and health sector also saw a 27.1% increase in employment between 2010 and 2020 within the city limits.

Here are a few of Temple’s top growing employers.


Since 2010, H-E-B has been satisfying Texans through their chain of retail grocery stores. In 2012, the company built a $20 million 300,000-square-foot frozen food distribution center to complement their existing facility in Temple. In 2020, the chain made further plans to expand their warehouse to a combined footprint of 1,050,000 square-feet.

H-E-B’s distribution center in northern Temple has a strong economic impact across the region, supporting more than 50 retail stores from Austin to Dallas and employing 900 people. Temple’s unparalleled access to I-35 also allows H-E-B access to 80% of Texas’ population within a three-hour drive and connects them to over 300 H-E-B retail stores throughout Texas and northeast Mexico.


Walmart’s distribution center, located just off I-35, connects them to Mexico and three of Texas’ largest metro areas including Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio. The location currently employs 714 people.

In June 2021, Walmart announced that it would be hiring 97 additional employees at its Temple distribution center. The company has seen a surge in online grocery sales since the beginning of the pandemic.


Temple’s business support services industry is the third largest in the city with over 100,000 jobs. Among the most notable companies is Acer — one of the world’s top information and communications technology companies which serves their global market via Temple’s connected infrastructure of road, rail and air.

The company currently employs 232 people at its location right off I-35. Additionally, the company offers a repair certification eLearning program for students at Temple Independent School District (ISD), helping them learn basic hardware repairs — an attractive skill for employers.


Temple is also home to Wilsonart International’s headquarters, which currently employs 1,450 people from Central Texas. The company was founded in 1956 and is a leader in engineered surfaces for furniture, office and retail space.

In 2019, the company announced a joint venture with Hyundai L&C USA under the name American Surfacing Materials, LLC. The new, 135,00 square-foot facility, will produce up to 300,000 sheets of solid surface annually, and create 50 new jobs for the local area.

Wilsonart is a major player in Temple’s manufacturing industry with an annual revenue of $513.7 million.

Pactiv/Reynolds Consumer Products

Pactiv is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and food service products and is a long-time resident of Temple. The company made Hefty trash bags until they were acquired by Rank Group in 2010, to be subsequently manufactured by another Temple-based manufacturer —  Reynolds Consumer Products.

The company made expansions to their product line 2011 which in turn increased their hiring by 86 full-time employees. Pactiv currently employs 700 people.

Temple is home to many other major employers which span industries from the health and life sciences sector to technology. Get in touch or visit our Key Industries page to get more information.