May 16, 2023

Agility – being able to move quickly and easily – is often referenced in project management.

Agility in manufacturing tends to come with a two-fold concept: prioritizing cross-functionality and collaboration and maintaining a strong level of flexibility or adaptability. While the concept – when broken down – is simple, location can support agility in manufacturing. A successful example of this is manufacturing businesses right here in Temple. 

Temple actively works to make it easy for the manufacturing industry to remain agile through concerted choices that speak to manufacturing’s unique needs.   

Location, location, location 

Texas is known for its extensive supply chain network including airports, seaports, railways and interstate highways – such as I-35 – which act as a major north-south connector for the United States. Temple is conveniently situated along this corridor, within three hours of major cities including Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio.  

Temple is also known for its excellent transportation infrastructure that includes robust freight distribution, cargo, fuel and corporate jet services, providing a clear route for distribution. It’s not only product that has a smooth journey in Temple: the city’s manageable population and well-maintained roads offer commuters easier access to and from work without congestion.  

Skilled manufacturing workforce  

Temple’s location ensures manufacturers gain access to a skilled workforce. This includes a yearly influx of 3,600 highly-trained veterans, who settle in Central Texas after transitioning out of nearby Ft. Cavazos (formerly Ft. Hood). The city is also in close proximity to eight higher education institutions and STEM-focused training programs that provide first-class graduates. This further bolsters the manufacturing sector with workers bringing the newest insights and learnings. 

Annually, Temple companies participate in Manufacturing Day to connect with the more than 6,500 current and future industry-ready employees throughout the region.  

Expansion opportunities for growth-focused business 

Temple is ripe with industrial land – 1,600 acres of shovel-ready land to be exact. Growth for manufacturers is top of mind. This, combined with Temple’s commitment to creating an educated and skilled workforce means the needs of growth-focused manufacturers are being met head-on.  

Agility as an ongoing process  

Remaining agile in an ever-evolving industry such as manufacturing requires foresight that begins at the roots – in this case, those roots are where a business chooses to make its home. Temple knows this and actively works to support growing manufacturers to maintain agility. 

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