July 31, 2019

Fortune Magazine recognizes Temple as one of the top 10 best cities in U.S. for tech jobs. Temple joins two other Texas cities on the top 10 list: Dallas and San Antonio. Texas is a leader in attracting tech talent adding 17,855 jobs in 2018, with the tech sector having a direct economic impact of $141.8 billion, according to the Austin American Statesman.

Temple’s low cost of living and doing business (15% below national average!) is one of the reasons that Fortune Magazine identifies Temple as a top location for tech talent. Temple “offers the lowest average compensation among the ten best cities, but that is still 79% higher than local residents make in other industries, and the relatively tiny cost of living there reflects that.”

Anchored by the headquarters of McLane Company and PDI Software, Temple’s corporate corridor is growing and offering tech talent the best of both worlds. Temple offers the perfect compromise between a welcoming, family-friendly community and the hustle of a big city. For residents looking to leave behind the frustrations, traffic congestion, and higher costs of major metros like Austin and Dallas, Temple offers more “bang for your buck”—with lower costs on everything from housing to groceries combined with excellent schools, parks and perks for residents. Not to mention, 15-minute average commutes.