February 27, 2020

In our high-energy, fast-paced world occupied by social media and advertising, we rarely have time to focus our attention on things for more than a moment. Once in a while, if you’re lucky, you see something that shines through the visual noise to truly capture your imagination. Such is the magic of Wes Albanese Photography.

If you follow Temple Economic Development Corporation (Temple EDC) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you have undoubtedly noticed strikingly beautiful images of downtown Temple, as well as our growing industries and local talent. This is the masterful artwork of Temple’s own Wes Albanese, member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Through his Temple-based businesses, Wes offers a variety of services. A visual storyteller, he knows how to manipulate light and focus with vivid results. Through Studio on the Avenue, he provides traditional portraits including headshots, family photos, senior pictures, wedding photography, photo booth rental and more people-focused work. His real passion and the heart of Wes Albanese Photography, however, lies in the landscape photography that led him to establish a business in the first place.

A government contractor by trade, Wes spent the early portion of his career instructing U.S. military personnel how to use IED and bomb-detecting equipment. In this capacity, he traveled the world with a camera at his side, always ready to take stunning photos of the places he was fortunate to visit. Wes includes Rome, Italy, Hawaii and Alaska in his list of favorite destinations.

When he moved to Temple, Texas in 2011, Wes was disappointed to find that internet searches of the city yielded few photos. He decided to make a change, and began exploring areas of the city, particularly downtown, with his trusted Sony. People took notice of his work, and began requesting prints from his Temple and world travel photography.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Wes decided to stop traveling for business, and opened his first studio in Temple, Studio on the Avenue.
“It’s great, being part of the boom in Central Texas,” says Wes. “No one else had a photography business downtown, and I just thought ‘If I wait, I could miss a great opportunity.’”

Inspired by his imagination, Wes describes photography as artwork and strives to show everyone what he sees with his mind’s eye. One of his biggest goals throughout the last decade has been to show everyone his vision of a growing, vibrant Temple.

“I want people to be proud of where they live and where they work,” says Wes. “Temple citizens care about their city. I intentionally plugged myself in to make Temple look its best. Ten years ago, there were old businesses and struggling businesses. But now, we are growing and people can see how beautiful Temple really is and the great places it has to offer.”

Wes hopes that his photography helps to attract visitors, employers and talent that can understand how relevant Temple is in 2020. He puts his heart into his work, and invests in local businesses and the economy.

“When I take pictures of local businesses, I want people to be inspired to visit those businesses. Go eat a burger at Bird Creek! Go check out a book at the library! Come see what Temple is really about.”

Wes extends grateful appreciation for the support of his local businesses. Learn more about his services here, and be sure to follow Temple EDC on social media to see Wes’ latest artistic visions of Temple, Texas.