August 6, 2014
Temple, TX — Western Emulsions Inc. announced the opening of a new asphalt emulsion manufacturing plant at an industrial park in Temple, north of Austin. The company manufactures liquid asphalt emulsion products used for roadway construction, preservation, and recycling.
“Western Emulsions has already proven to be an exceptional corporate partner for our community. The capital investment and rail car traffic alone brings new revenue into our community but they have gone a step further by utilizing Cloud Construction one of our local contractors to complete their project,” said Charley Ayres, Vice President, Temple Economic Development Corporation.
Temple is located in the heart of Central Texas on Interstate Highway 35, connecting with the international markets of Mexico via Laredo and 4 of the largest metro areas in Texas: San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas/Ft.Worth.
“The decision to expand in Temple was made primarily because of its central location and the ability to distribute to rest of Texas via rail and truck,” said Western Emulsions CEO Kevin Trant. The plant will enable the company to better serve the Central Texas region, he said. Western Emulsions has built a new rail spur that runs to the facility.
Tucson, Arizona-based Western Emulsions manufactures and distributes asphalt emulsions used for pavement and recycling. The company was founded in 1977 and currently operates six locations in the U.S. including the Texas facility.
About Western Emulsions Inc.
With operations in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Montana, and sales & marketing covering the entire Western U.S., Western Emulsions Inc. is a leading innovator and supplier of branded and commodity asphalt emulsions and raw asphalt used for pavement preservation, repair and restoration projects. The Company assists public agencies and owners of infrastructure in developing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to maintaining and recycling their asphalt pavements. 

Nationwide Sales contact: (888) 705-4137 

About Temple
Temple, Texas, is a community with a diverse economic base that includes healthcare, distribution and warehousing, and manufacturing as its foundation. Within 200 miles of a population of 19 million, Temple is strategically located 39 minutes north of the Austin Metro Area on I-35, making it central within the Southwest U.S. marketplace. For more information, visit