June 17, 2014
TEMPLE, TX (June 9, 2014) – The seven new design introductions to the Wilsonart® Solid Surface Collection draw inspiration from America’s unique heritage, celebrating the old, the new and the unique. This launch is on the tails of recently unveiled and similarly influenced 2014 Wilsonart® Contract Laminate Collection, creating a highly complementary decorative surface material introduction.
“The new Solid Surface Collection was created with education and healthcare spaces in mind,” said Natalia Smith, Design Manager, Wilsonart. “The beauty is, though, that they’re applicable to any space, commercial or residential. These designs have neutral base colors and feature smaller particulates, making them unobtrusive which adds to their versatility.”

The trend that inspired the smooth and subdued designs that make up the 2014 collection is Heritage, the visual representation of celebrating our roots, with a touch of modern. Heritage is a combination of:

Industrial Chic – This trend is expressed most often through exposed ductwork and pipes, original windows and brick. Metal, concrete, brick and glass are many of the surface choices.

Rustic Glam – This playful juxtaposition of distressed surfaces and glittery details is a layering of elements and influences that are distinctly modern.

What’s Old is New Again – Not only are iconic pieces being reissued in new ways, but many salvaged materials are being reused, allowing for the reintroduction of classic designs in strikingly 21st century interpretations.

The seven designs of the 2014 Wilsonart Solid Surface Collection, including Chai Cream Mirage*, Maize Mirage, Meadow Melange, Desert Melange, Zen Grey, Soothing Grey and Fossil Riverstone, are designed to complement a range of materials: wood, metal, glass and laminate.

*Chai Cream Mirage will also be available in ¼ inch material for wall cladding panels.

Wilsonart Solid Surface is naturally resistant to fade, heat, mold, mildew and most stains, and is renewable and repairable. Solid Surface complies with FDA food contact requirements, and is safe for food contact and preparation; plus, sinks can be built directly into the countertop, making clean-up a breeze.

Wilsonart Solid Surface has attained UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. Wilsonart Solid Surface is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available at kitchen and bath dealers, home centers and local fabricators nationwide.