February 9, 2022

A workforce that believes in the value of a company’s product or service can provide customer support that is critical to a business’ success. As many companies that have business support services in Temple know, having this foundation in place helps to facilitate customer adoption and increase loyalty, while keeping operations running efficiently and maintaining profitability.

Business support services run like well-oiled machines in Temple, relying on a labor pool that is young, educated and skilled in tech. The city also offers attractive real estate and is well-equipped with both shovel-ready sites and Class A office space for companies looking to expand.

The following are a strong representation of the nearly 500 companies providing ample business support services in Temple.

McLane Group

McLane’s success with business support services in Temple extends back to the early 1900s. The company now operates more than 80 distribution centers through its food and grocery services and owns one of the largest private fleets in the U.S. — buying and distributing more than 50,000 consumer products to nearly 110,000 locations across the country.

Throughout the years, the holding company established several business support service ventures, including McLane Advanced Technologies, McLane Intelligent Solutions, and McLane Technology Partners. These divisions have allowed McLane to extend its expertise into new areas such as military logistics, technology and software training.

PDI Software

As an enterprise-class software provider for over 500 convenience and wholesale petroleum companies, it’s safe to say that PDI has a large customer base to support. In 2017, the company opened a 33,000-square-foot office facility in Temple with an open floor concept and space for collaboration.

PDI tracks every item sold in store and each gallon of gas at the pump, requiring strong support from the back office. Coinciding with the pandemic, the company’s retailers experienced an increase in need for just-in-time (JIT) deliveries, and the Temple team was prepared to rise to the occasion.

TeleTech TTEC

TeleTech has been a trailblazer in the customer experience industry for decades. In 2017, the company opened a location in Temple which was chosen for its access to a local workforce that, according to company leadership, exhibits a strong work ethic and a high emotional quotient. In 2018, TeleTech was recognized as Cisco’s Cloud Contact Center Partner of the Year and was named to the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 — a list of the world’s best outsourcing service partners.

Fikes Wholesale, Inc.

For over 60 years, Fikes has been a leading distributor and marketer of petroleum products in the Southeastern U.S. The corporation operates more than 250 CEFCO Convenience Stores, and is the parent company to CORD Financial Services, one of the largest ATM companies in the nation with over 15,000 ATMs nationwide.

In 2011, the company opened a 19.5-acre headquarter campus in Temple, including a 42,000-square-foot building from which they service accounts such as Shell, ExxonMobil and CITGO.

There are plenty of locations to host back-office operations in, but Temple’s talent, low real estate costs and expansion opportunities create an award-winning environment for businesses. Read more success stories and get in touch with our team to establish your business’ support services hub in Central Texas.