August 5, 2021

Once companies understand Temple as an unparalleled location for skilled talent, low costs and connected infrastructure, a second, and possibly bigger question comes into play — what makes any particular site the best place to do business?

The city of Temple has the dedicated office space, shovel-ready sites and warehouses to suit any need. Developers around the city know these needs have evolved, too, especially in light of the pandemic. And with the lower cost of living in smaller cities like Temple, businesses can gain assurance that they will remain economically viable for decades.

Here the top reasons Temple is a stable choice for site selection in 2021 and beyond.

Distribution from a Central Location

When COVID hit, retailers quickly realized the importance of transforming their businesses to fit an ecommerce model. This trend has not changed and likely will not change for the foreseeable future. Industrial real estate developers in Central Texas understand the demand for facilities with logistics capabilities, and they have started building them in record numbers.

In September 2020, Temple’s City Council approved Temple EDC’s plan to purchase 147 acres in an industrial park to the north of the city. The location is primed for development thanks to existing access to water, sewer, roads and rail roads. Additionally, the well-connected I-35 corridor is lined with available business parks and low-cost land for logistics and manufacturing operations.

Green Energy

As companies start to strive for reduced carbon footprints throughout all industries, energy efficient solutions have become a factor in sight selection. Temple combats the costs of wind and solar energy through the state’s list of wind and solar energy tax exemptions. Businesses can apply for exemptions for energy efficient devices and energy sources, increasing confidence that new systems will quickly recoup investment costs.

The Minnesota-based greenhouse lettuce producer Revol Greens announced plans to open a 40-acre advanced greenhouse in Temple in 2022. The company’s energy efficient growing process includes the use of high efficiency LED lighting only when natural sunlight is low — which is rare for Texas.

“Revol Greens selected Temple for our new facility in order to expand our production and distribution capabilities,” said Mike Wainscott, CFO of Revol Greens. “Temple’s central location in Texas means our products will reach shelves and tables throughout the southern U.S. efficiently.”

A Diverse Talent Network

The growing importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the site selection process — especially for stakeholders in consumer facing and publicly traded companies — means that site selectors are seeking markets with a diverse workforce. The Temple-Killeen region saw a 2% increase in population of non-Hispanic Blacks between from 2019 to 2020, leading to a population of over 96,000. All other races experienced growth as well, with a particular increase of Millennial and Gen-Zers, as demonstrated by the city’s 34.6 median age.

Big value. Small city.

Recent trends in population shifts show a migration to the suburbs and smaller cities, and key talent is more prepared than ever to relocate to cities with high livability standards. Temple has this factor covered, with recent quality of life investments in the city’s downtown totaling $60 million. Central Texas provides access to excellent schools, parks and family friendly activities — all of which are accessible from highly affordable neighborhoods well below the national average.

With its welcoming communities and low congestion roads, Central Texas it an attractive city for young families. In fact, Temple offers one of the lowest commute times for employees at only 23.7 minutes.

Temple has the space for businesses in a beautiful scenic environment that is an attractive place to live. Get in touch or visit our Tools & Resources and Site Selection pages for more information.