November 16, 2020

TEMPLE, TEXAS (November 16, 2020) – In an effort to provide businesses a ready-made landing pad in Central Texas, Temple Economic Development Corporation (Temple EDC) is set to purchase 147 acres inside Temple’s Industrial Park, with a unanimous agreement by City Council on September 17, 2020.

The site is located on the southwest corner of Moores Mill and Wendland roads in North Temple, and is supplied with roads, water, sewer, and railroad line access—ideal for a business expansion, particularly in the logistics & distribution and advanced manufacturing industries.

Temple is already equipped with existing facilities, shovel-ready sites and Class A office space, and this development gives businesses additional opportunity to expand their facilities and their success. If the vast acreage alone isn’t enough to draw expanding and relocating business operations, Temple’s robust assets position the city as an ideal location for doing business in Texas. Temple has seen a whopping 19% increase in jobs, and 17% increase in population, between 2009-2019, establishing the region’s highly-skilled workforce as an essential resource for the business community. Plus, Temple, Texas real estate is booming, with over $2 billion in private investment and the availability of 1,600 shovel-ready acres, Temple is qualified to house a plethora of businesses ready for expansion.

This abundance of space accommodates industrial, commercial, agricultural, office and warehouse operations. Temple EDC President Adrian Cannady commented on recent investments, stating that, “we have experienced almost 800 million dollars of new investment and more than a thousand new jobs during the last eight years in the core of Temple’s Industrial Park…Temple’s corporate investment opportunity is on a trajectory of further growth and the acquisition of these 147 acres secures that we maximize on current and future prospects.”

A History of Business Success

By providing such acreage, Temple is able to accommodate large-scale projects within the space. Take it from the region’s local employers, who are already capitalizing on the resources that have guided a multitude of businesses in an array of industries:

Temple-based Fikes Wholesale, Inc. experienced significant growth after completing a new, 19.5-acre headquarters campus, which includes a two-story, 42,000-square-foot building, located at Temple’s Airport Park at Central Pointe. The new location and infrastructure garnered the company growth in distribution opportunities and workforce.

A leading provider of household products, Reynolds Consumer Products upped its business investment in Temple in 2018 by investing $3.2 million to upgrade equipment for a new plastic film production line. This expansion added new jobs and ultimately afinancial boost in the way of cash grants approved by the Temple EDC Board of Directors.

From its global headquarters in Temple, McLane Company, Inc. operates 80+ distribution centers that support nearly 110,000 client locations across the U.S. After increasing its investment in Central Texas with an $11 million expansion at both its North Campus and South Campus in 2013, McLane brought its total employment to over 600.

Primed for Project Potential

With Temple’s preparedness and readiness of sites offered to businesses looking to expand or relocate, the potential of the new 147 acres in the Industrial Park is ripe for the taking. If your business is seeking a skilled workforce, low business costs, and a bounty of space located between Dallas and Austin—we are answering the call to provide acreage to accommodate large-scale projects.

The aforementioned 147 acres in North Temple is primed for development due to its existing infrastructure including, water, sewer, roads, and railroad line accessibility. The railroad access, for instance, provides businesses a centralized and interconnected network of transportation options. Connecting people and businesses to key markets efficiently is valuable for distribution and manufacturing companies that would benefit from casting a wider net.

Additionally, the existing roads and water/sewage systems establish the site as much more than shovel-ready—but build-ready to accelerate a project of almost any size. With this necessary infrastructure in place, the preparation phase will be fast-tracked to allow construction to advance at a much quicker pace.

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