August 7, 2023

From higher education to workforce training solutions, Temple fosters its highly skilled talent pool

As the U.S. workforce landscape continues to shift, Temple, Texas is investing in strategic talent acquisition that aligns with the needs of the city’s key industries and businesses. That’s why the Temple Economic Development Corporation (Temple EDC) is a partner in funding and facilitating training programs that are designed to ensure businesses have access to a highly skilled talent pool.  

In Temple, there are eight area and regional colleges and universities that offer experience and expertise across a wide range of career fields, from professional services to STEM education. In addition, Temple EDC helps businesses connect with logistics, health care and manufacturing workforce training centers that provide custom-tailored solutions to employer needs. 

Training for life sciences and health

With forty percent of Temple’s workforce employed by the health care industry, Central Texas is home to many highly ranked high school and college level education programs focusing on the medical field. For example, the Texas Bioscience Institute at Temple College offers high school students an experiential learning program. This program gives students job shadowing opportunities along with summer research experiences, to provide a bridge from high school to higher education.  

The community also employs many health professionals at Baylor Scott & White Health and the Temple Medical and Educational District (TMED). Meanwhile, U.S. News & World Report ranks Baylor College of Medicine the No. 22 Best Medical School for Research in the nation. The school will welcome an inaugural class of 40 students in Temple this fall, with 120 students set to enroll in the next four years.  

Workforce Solutions of Central Texas

With over 130 manufacturing establishments in Temple, the Workforce Solutions of Central Texas provides skills training for employees of area businesses through the Accelerated Skills Attainment Program, the Texas Workforce Commission’s Skills Development Fund, apprenticeships and other initiatives. Temple’s skilled workforce, along with 3,600 talented soldiers that transition from nearby Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood) annually, creates an abundance of hiring opportunities for companies.  

College programs and continuing education

Texas State Technical College is focused on building a greater Texas, starting with creating a highly skilled workforce. The school has become an essential workforce training partner for many companies in Texas. Readymade programs like a 12-week industrial systems training partnership with Heroes Make America help manufacturing employees gain certification in new and advanced smart automation technologies. The college offers an abundance of online and in person training programs that provide hands-on experience for both companies to train their employee base and aspiring individuals looking to jump start their career. 

Industry advancements and evolving technology can be difficult for a company to keep up with. That’s why Temple College’s Business and Continuing Education division helps professional services companies stay current on the ever-changing professional landscape. The college helps meet the unique needs of the organizations it supports through consulting services and staff training in leadership, communication, and project management. 

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