October 25, 2021

Location, infrastructure and workforce converge in Temple, making it a top choice city for more than 130 manufacturing companies. The region is composed of over 6,500 manufacturing employees and has seen a 28.4% increase in employment between 2010 and 2020 with more expansions on the way.

What makes Temple such a hotbed for talent? For one, the city not only has an established and motivated workforce, but also the infrastructure to nurture new talent – from career and technical education for high schoolers to high competency continuing education initiatives.

In celebration of National Manufacturing Month (following MFG Day which was on October 1), read on to learn how Temple manufacturers are building a promising future for the industry through creativity, teamwork and innovation.

Manufacturing on the Move

It happens time and time again. Manufacturers expand in Temple and — due to the region’s highly capable workforce and ability to produce results — soon find the need to increase jobs.

Sunbelt-Solomon Solutions, a company involved in the production of new and reconditioned transformers and other electrical equipment, found this out in 2020 when a $2 million, 20,000 square foot capital investment created a need for 100 new jobs in electrical distribution. In fact, the company was one of eight partners in Temple’s Manufacturing Day hiring initiative this month in which 100 interested candidates attended. Sunbelt has been a mainstay in Temple since 1981 and has grown into a nationally recognized distributor.

Also attending Manufacturing Day 2021 was Reynolds Consumer Products — a company that opened its facility first Temple in 1970. The aluminum foil producer, also responsible for Hefty brand waste bags, expanded in the city in 2018 to make room for a new plastic film production line.

SAF is another manufacturing company that has expanded in Temple recently with a 60,000 square foot metal fabrication and distribution facility. The company plans to hire up to 10 employees initially, with up to 50 new workers expected to onboard in the coming years.

Endless Opportunity

Temple, Texas has built a sustainable model for the operational needs of its manufacturing employers. The career and technical education center from Temple Independent School District (ISD) is preparing students with relevant skills such as critical thinking and personal responsibility, as well as job specific technical skills that lead to employment in the manufacturing industry. In 2020, Temple ISD helped over 150 students earn certifications in their career paths.

A major factor in Temple’s steady flow of manufacturing talent is the city’s technically skilled veteran community from the nearby Fort Hood, the largest active-duty armored post in the U.S. 3,600 veterans transition out of the U.S. Army post annually and choose to live and work in Central Texas. Many are supported by the nationally recognized Heroes MAKE America initiative. This program provides training and networking events between veterans, their military spouses, and manufacturers, matching employer needs with relevant skills.

Higher education institutions are leading to growth in the manufacturing sector, too. Texas State Technical College’s workforce training programs help bolster continuous learning for the ever-evolving manufacturing industry. Employers can work with the college to optimize their team’s performance and individuals can find enrichment opportunities in everything from mobile welding to electric vehicle servicing.

Meanwhile, Temple College’s business and continuing education programs facilitate training in manufacturing and other trades, including residential construction and AC/DC circuitry. Many of the college’s programs available to the public, meaning adults can train for a new career path or stay updated on new developments.

Central Texas is ripe with opportunity for growing manufacturers and their supporting talent. With an education system that produces a steady stream of skilled workers, reliable support from the veteran community and decades of industry experience, businesses realize game-changing productivity in Temple. Get in touch to learn more about why Temple manufacturers are continuing to expand.